A module to maintain and track your chequing accounts and bank statements. Be aware of your finances, keep an eye on your accounts and understand your business with Samco Bank Reconciliation. The reconciliation process is tedious and long. Using the simplified and automated Bank Reconciliation module in Samco Power Accounting you can save time and reduce costs.


  • Save time with reduced manual entry.

  • Increase accuracy with automation of reconciliation processes.

  • Track equipment use.

  • Improve other accounting functions with integration.

  • Gain insight with a better analysis of business cash-flow.

  • Reduce risks with insightful reporting.


  • Manage multiple chequing accounts.

  • Track deposits.

  • Reconcile accounts with statements.

  • Integration with Samco Power Accounting.

  • Entry of balance forward items can be entered manually.

  • Handle stop payments and voided cheques.

  • Enter, edit and print chequebook items.

  • Quick inquiry into any account.

  • Close check books and remove obsolete entries.


Bank Reconciliation provides a simple and easy way to manage all of your chequebooks, deposits and checking account statements. It provides you with instant access to information and gives you confidence that your accounts are up to date and correct. With the ability to handle unlimited cash accounts and integration with other Samco Power Accounting modules your cheque books and account data are reconciled easily.


Samco Bank Reconciliation is completely integrated with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Point of Sale, General Ledger and Payroll packages. This means you can reduce data entry and save yourself time when doing reconciliations. You can easily edit or print all cheque book items and later inquire into all those entries. Obsolete cheque books are automatically removed from the system. You can use two reconciliation methods during comparisons, match book-to-bank or bank-to-book. The ease with which you can complete your bank reconciliation will give you confidence that your books are balanced.


Reconciliation means accountability when it comes to accounting. Knowing where your money is going to and where it is coming from are important. By reconciling your accounts with Samco Bank Reconciliation you can make sure you always know what all of your chequing accounts look like. Balance your books easily and monitor transactions and adjustments. Accountability means less errors and more consistent accounting data.